5 Healthy Halloween Treats

Whether you are looking for healthier alternatives for Halloween Party treats, or you are trying to find a healthier option for your own little witches and ghosts, we have you covered.  We have scoured the internet, and come up with these five sgreat options for a healthy Halloween.

Healthy candy corn

Always one of our favorites, Chocolate Covered Katie has a great recipe for vegan candy corn that only require 4 ingredients, including the natural food coloring!

Healthy Halloween Treats

If your Halloween party is with the kiddos this year, these simple fruit treats from Lauren Conrad will be fun for them to make, and to eat!

apple mouths

The Food Network has a great list of 50 Things to Do With Apples, but for the time being, these Scary Mouths (number  6) are our favorite.


Spoonful.com’s Edible Eyeballs may be the absolute perfect spooky and healthy appetizer.  Carrots, cream cheese and a half an olive and you are done!  We think they might be good with hummus as well!

candy corn

These candy corn inspired fruit cocktail cups from Ivillage are delectable, refreshing and pretty much just all around adorable.  And not the least bit scary!

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