How to Use Leftover Pulp From Juicing

How to Use Leftover Pulp From Juicing

People ask us pretty often what they should be doing with the leftover pulp from juicing. We know it can be hard to just throw away everything that’s left after you juice, so we thought we’d share a few really wonderful ideas that we have seen online or heard of from some 3•2•1 Juice users!

Composting Your Pulp

If you compost at home, pulp from our juice kits is possibly the perfect material for you! It is already broken down and will not take long to become a wonderfully rich compost to add nutrients to your garden’s soil.  If you are new to composting, find a great how-to guide from the EPA here.

Make Pulp Crackers

Use the fiber from the pulp to make a delicious and healthy juice pulp cracker by mixing it with chia seeds, nuts, and spices and then dehydrating (or baking on 200) for several hours.  We have seen a lot of similar recipes, but this one from Soap Queen looks amazing!

Juice Pulp Crackers

Breakfast Muffins

We love the idea of using the pulp from your juice kit to make a fiber-packed muffin that will be an easy grab-and-go option for your busy mornings.  This post from Dairy Free Betty is making our mouths water just looking at it.

Pulp Muffin

Homemade Veggie Broth

Store bought veggie broths can be full of sodium and additives, so an excuse to make your own homemade version is a great opportunity.  Bonus? It’s really easy. Fitsugar tells you how. 

Pulp Broth


No, really! Using the juice pulp instead of rice is a great way to make a healthy, raw version of your favorite veggie rolls.  The Detoxinista shows you how. 

Juice Pulp Sushi Rolls

Fruit Leather for the Kids

Here’s a healthy alternative to store bought fruit snacks! All it takes is your fruit pulp, a little honey or agave, and water, like Oh She Glows shows us.

Juice Pulp Fruit Leather

Juice Pulp Dog Treats

This may actually be one of the best ideas we’ve ever heard!  A very simple recipe from Rawmazing (not completely dissimilar to the cracker recipe above) makes a great treat for your four legged family member and a great way to keep from wasting your pulp.

Juice Pulp Dog Treats


Did we miss anything? Do you have a favorite use for your pulp that you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments below!


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