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Why “3..2..1 Juice”?

The journey began on October 23rd 2005. A beautiful baby girl arrived, bringing with her 3 copies of the 21st chromosome (Down syndrome). Marina Grace would lead her parents, siblings and those close to her on an educational, enlightening, joy-filled journey.

Through three states, various programs, schools and activities, we knew her personality was bringing something “extra” to everything she did.

The concept of 321 Juice began in 2013 when Marina (age 8) said she wanted to be a waitress. That goal eventually turned into a desire to sell juice at the beach. Within a few years, Mom, Dad and Marina were living in sunny Florida just a few short miles from the beach!

Soon after arriving in Florida, Marina enrolled in the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida’s (DSACF) Entrepreneur Academy, graduating from Phase 1 as a CEO in 2021 and completing the Advanced Accelerator training in early 2023. Since then, 321 Juice has become incorporated and Marina and her sidekicks have been working on plans for the official launch!

Our goal is not only to be the employment opportunity for Marina, but to be a training facility and franchising opportunity for others rocking the extra chromosome (3, 21) of Down syndrome!

When you purchase from 321 Juice, you are empowering people with disabilities; helping them to realize that their dreams of employment and entrepreneurship are possible. We are 100% committed to helping individuals with Down syndrome reach their full potential.

3..2..1 Juice, EXTRA cheer in every drop!